Replacement of boilers in Edinburgh.

person adminzjbfolder_openProductaccess_time July 26, 2017

Boiler switch Edinburgh is a team of dedicated specialists offering boiler installation and replacement in Edinburgh and central Scotland.

Hot and cold running water, a warm home – it’s not just amenities. They are essential. So when your boiler breaks down, a breakdown or your central heating just does not come on, it’s a nervous time. We can provide a replacement ticket in Edinburgh & amp; Central Scotland from as little as £ 1600 with a fantastic warranty that includes spare parts and labor.

The thought of dealing with a plumber just adds to the stress. How much will it cost this time? And does this engineer really know what he’s doing?

It does not have to be like this. If you need a kettle repaired or serviced or you need an emergency service every time of the day Or Night, Boiler Replacement Edinburgh can diagnose and solve your problems quickly and easily. We are Worcester ZBG accredited and have a wide range of boilers for sale.

*Like:10 ton/h or 5 mw