Solar thermal product

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Given the varied customer requirements, we manufacture, market, export and supply a wide range of solar B> solar products. The product offered is available in a number of specifications, depending on the varied requirements of our valued customers. Our products are easy to handle and can be easily installed. The products offered are manufactured using high quality raw materials and advanced technology.


  • Solar water heater

    Solar water heater

  • Solar lighting

  • Solar Thermal Plant

  • Solar Water Evaporation System

    P> Solar thermal heating and space heating system

  • Solar concentrator


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Solar process heating

We are the leading manufacturer, trader, exporter and supplier of Solar Process Heating in the industry.

This solar process heating Is widely used in a variety of industrial and utility processes and is optimally utilized when boiler feedwater is required to produce steam.This product has a heat concentrating system, Water and oil This product is known for high efficiency and exceptional performance.

  • Low maintenance

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  • Perfect finishing

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    Solar Boiler

    We manufacture Solar boiler C ‘ Is a high-performance water heater with integrated innovation to prevent heat loss and our range is also in line with current industry standards and meets all customer requirements.


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      Easy installation and low maintenance

    • 80% Depreciation in 1st year under Renewable Energy

    • Safe, efficient and environmentally friendly

    • These systems use solar energy which is a free and renewable source of energy (free because nobody owns the Sun and is renewable because That solar energy can not be depleted as is the case with fossil fuels as long as our Sun continues to shine.

    • These systems use solar energy Who Help In our dependence on fossil fuels, improving our energy security and energy independence by reducing the need for expensive foreign fuel imports.

    • In sunny places

      Many countries around the world offer favorable incentives for the installation of solar water heating systems

    • Relatively good recovery period, on average between 5 and 10 years – These systems have low maintenance costs

      You can create your own solar water heating systems (you can find the graphics on how to build them on the web)

    • Some countries even offer the option of Rent solar water heating systems that can significantly reduce initial costs

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    > We are the first builder, trader, exporter And Solar Cooker supplier.

    The proposed stove is preferred by most people for its simple and safe mode of cooking.Solar stoves are available in different sizes and type like solar box type 4, cooker And solar parabolic cooker This cooker is easy to install and can be easily maintained We take bulk order to manufacture this product according to the customer’s requirement

    B> Function:

    • Eco-friendly


    • Precision design

      P> The biggest The advantage of solar cookers L & # x27; Obel is their eco-friendliness. Using a solar cooker L & # x27; Obel, you can drop your addiction to gas or electricity. You can maintain better indoor air quality and reduce the amount of carbon monoxide emissions. You can also enjoy the cooler temperatures inside and conserve more fuel by reducing the need for air conditioning.

    • Solar cooking is free to use once you have Bought the stove itself. For the purposes of operation, all you need is sunlight. You can save a lot of money in the long run. As a result, solar cookers are being used increasingly in different parts of the world, especially in the poorest communities with limited access to fuel and power.

    • The quality of cooked food in an L & # X27; The Obel solar cooker is also remarkable. There is no danger of burning food and the flavors remain intact. L & # x27; Obel solar cookers can be used for roasting, roasting and cooking food. Cooked foods also retain moisture and softness if the solar cooker is used properly. Solar cookers are easily accessible to people all over the world. It is very easy to build one from scratch as well.

    • Commercial versions of solar cookers are divided into three main categories: box cookers, parabolic cookers and cookers. Of the three, parabolic solar cookers are the most advanced and performing. Some solar cookers even have the ability to automatically follow the sun’s rays to maximize the heat produced in the cooker

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      > We are actively engaged in manufacturing, trading, exporting and supplying a wide range of Solar Dryer Energy-saving method for drying food. This dryer serves to store food products, and it works with the main trapping of thermal energy in the container. The energy trapped causes an increase in temperature and thus a reduction in the drying time. Customers can easily enjoy the solar dryer offered at the highest prices on the market.


      • Optimal functionality

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      • Durability

      • Perfect finishing

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